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SUSPA produces gas struts for the sector of doors and flaps in the car. Using gas struts, the flaps can be opened and closed extremely conveniently and in a manner that preserves materials. We also offer electric opening and closing systems. The dampers specially developed for loading flaps also make it possible to open downwards in a damped manner and to close upwards in a force-assisted manner.



Our gas springs (lockable and non-lockable gas springs), dampers and height adjustment systems for furniture are specially tailored to the requirements of the furniture industry and are used wherever easy and convenient opening, closing and adjusting are essential. Our high-quality products can be found in the kitchen, living areas and at work.

Utility Vehicle


Demanding requirements for lifting, lowering, tilting and damping in utility vehicles are solved by using gas springs (lockable and non-lockable) as well as dampers or by using our height adjustment systems. They are used in a wide variety of areas and facilitate the opening and closing of different flaps or the adjustment of installed components. Driver seats are cushioned against impacts by our dampers and can be conveniently adjusted with the help of our pneumatic springs. 



Using gas struts (lockable and non-lockable) and hydraulic dampers in the industrial sector make it easy and convenient to open and close protective covers, maintenance flaps or other flaps. Gas struts and dampers ensure the comfort and safety of the user. Our height adjustment systems convert workbenches and assembly tables into ergonomic workplaces. Machinery systems and production lines can be equipped for high loads with our adjustment systems.

Household Appliances


Our dampers increase the level of convenience of household appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators. Thanks to our wide product range, you will find the right washing machine damper for every requirement, from the standard vibration damper to the sensor damper. Our refrigerator dampers are also indispensable in everyday life. The SUSPA dampers dampen the door closing motion so they even close more gently under full load.



Our gas struts, dampers and adjustment systems increase the safety and comfort of patients and nursing staff. In hospital beds, side tables, treatment tables or fitness equipment, our products and systems offer diverse ergonomic adjustment options. SUSPA gas struts, dampers and adjustment systems are characterized by simple installation. They are user-friendly and maintenance-free.


SUSPA gas struts, lockable gas struts and dampers can easily keep up with the demanding requirements of aviation. Our special products with lightweight dimensions can be found in luggage storage compartments, vehicle seats and in other cabin furnishings.

Other Application


SUSPA products show their strength in particular in the diversity of possible applications. That is why around thirty industries with over 1,200 applications rely on gas struts, dampers and adjustment systems from SUSPA today. And the number is constantly growing. A high level of functional security, easy handling and comfort are at the focus of our solutions for the industry.