Electric height adjustment for workbenches

Electric height adjustment for workbenches

Flexibly adapt industrial systems, workbenches, conveyor belts and all types of industrial work tables to the needs of your employees and production – not the other way around. SUSPA solution for the height adjustable workbench help you do it, efficiently and uniquely.


Movotec SMS

The electromechanical Movotec SMS (SpindleMotorSystem) lift systems offer continuous, fully electric, space-saving height adjustment for heavy loads. 

Installation dimensions

Movotec SMS Bolt-On

Dimension of external profile / pipe

CB profile 35 mm

External tube material

Aluminium, silver anodized

Internal tube dimensions

∅ 25 mm

Internal tube material

Aluminium, anodized

Motor housing dimensions

Motor integrated into profile

Order number





Stroke (Lstroke)

150 mm

200 mm

300 mm

400 mm

Retracted length (Lin)

485 mm

535 mm

635 mm

735 mm

Extended length (Lout)

635 mm

735 mm

935 mm

1,135 mm

Fastening structure

4 x M5 (screw-in depth max. 7 mm)

Fastening on foot stabilizer

1 x M10 (internal thread)



Performance Data

Movotec SMS Bolt-On

Max. extension force per actuator

150 kg

75 kg

Max. extension force with 4-leg system

600 kg

350 kg

Max. extension force with 8-leg system

1,200 kg

600 kg

Travel speed

~ 8 mm/s

 ~ 16 mm/s

Functional operating range

+5°C to +40°C

Protection class

IP 40